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Cement Buyers Welcome To Our Web Site!

On this home page, we'll introduce our business and highlight important areas on our site.

Portland Cement Introduction

Hello my name is Angelo and I'm looking forward to working with real cement buyers. I have closed, and in the process of closing other deals. If you can work with these procedures lets move forward and close a cement deal together.

1. We can not sell other than CIF
2. We can not sell to Spain
3. Our customers have to produce a LC (specs ahead)
4. We can provide a top PB of 2% over 2, 500 MTs.
5. Send us your desired price with commission included, $2.00 to be split between seller, and buyer side agents, or as agreed.

Our Procedure Is As Follows:

1. Buyer sends us a LOI, or an ICPO, together with a recent BCL which can't be older than 72 hours, or on the LOI, or ICPO pro mission to do a Soft Probe, or as greed. The LOI, or ICPO must be on the buyers letterhead, properly signed and stamped, with a valid date.

2.) We produce a FCO

3.)Buyer fills out, signs, and stamps our FCO.

4.) We produce draft contract

5.)Buyer fills out, signs, and stamps our contract.

6.)If any change in our draft contract was done and it is agreed by us, we proceed to send the 4 Hard Copies by courier to the buyer, who shall sign and stamp them and return 2 copies to us, also by courier. Please let us know what changes are made.

7.)Buyer opens both a NON OPERATIONAL irrevocable, confirmed, auto-revolving for the contract length, transferable and divisible RDLC, payable 100% at sight for the value of 3 months (or as agreed) shipments and an equally NON OPERATIONAL transferable and divisible BG for the last 3 months'shipments.

8.)Our PB must make the DLC fully operational. The BG shall remain NON OPERATIONAL until the buyer receives our first delivery, as POP, which confirmation will activate it immediately.

9.)20 to 40 days later, we start delivering cement, as agreed on the contract.

10.)For the buyers protection, our contract stipulates clearly that if our first delivery is not made as latest 60 days after receiving the fully operational LC, the contract is no longer valid and the buyer can recover his money from the opened instruments and rolls

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Angelo Kirby

Strong Arm Investments


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Rates & Services:

We provide portland cement world wide for buyers of all types. Our prices are determinant by the size, length, and destination of cement. The larger the contract, and length better will be the price. We deliver all around the world. Once the buyer, and seller start the process the paperwork should be complete in five business days. That includes the LOI, or ICPO until hard copy of contract is signed.

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Additional Contact Information:
Skype: Angelo.Kirby
Phone Number: 317-247-0446

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Welcome to Fresh Life Ministries: This is a Christian Site Like My Page (Child, & Teenager Friendly)!

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